March 08, 2007

Lords reform

We might finally be about to get an elected house of Lords, something that I should be viewing as an unmitigated good thing. But with the way that over the last few years it has been the Lords along that have stood up for liberty on issue after issue I will feel a little sorry to see them go and can only hope that an elected chamber will be able to continue there work as a revising chamber able to tell the commons 'no' when it fucks up. It would be good if one of the reforms that is bound to come in at the same time is the abolition of the Parliament Act, its purpose of making sure it is the democratically elected House of Commons that has the final word is no longer needed since both houses will now be democratically elected.

That an elected House of Lords is good is not to say that Labour cannot still royally fuck things up, the obvious way being by choosing a Party List voting system as opposed to Single Transferable Vote. As a revising chamber the last type of people needed for it are the party animals that would get promoted under a Party List system. And is it just me or does the timing seem an awful coincidence that just as the House of Lords stops being useful as a cash machine for the Labour party that they get around to actually reforming it properly.


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